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The KittyBrush™

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The KittyBrush is a lot more than a pet brush. From now on, your kitty will see brushing as a luxurious treat and not as painful. Helps your kitty maintain a beautiful and bright coat over the years. Silky, clean, and soft like majestic velvet.
  • Stops shedding at its source 
  • Reduces feline stress
  • Helps increase proper blood circulation
  • Gives a soft and irresistible massage

The Most Effective Way To Reduce Shedding

Just because your cat already grooms itself, it doesn’t mean you can’t help out. 

Brushing your cat is one of the best ways to reduce shedding at its source while keeping their coat and skin healthy

Not only that...

This becomes more important as your cat ages If you have an older cat, a cat with arthritis, or another mobility issue that makes it difficult to groom, they will be immensely grateful when you lend a hand in the grooming/brushing department.

Benefits of The KittyBrush

Eliminates loose & tangled hair

KittyBrush´s bristles are bent at 60° to remove as much loose and tangled hair as possible with each brush stroke.

Designed for all hair types

The KittyBrush is versatile in removing loose and tangled hair on all cat hair types.

Gentle on your cat´s skin

The KittyBrush bristle heads are covered with massage beads that are designed to maximize your cat's comfort while being brushed.

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