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Stainless Steel Meat Marinade Injector

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Gone are days when people used to wait for hours to marinate meat.  Injecting your meat with Stainless Steel Marinade Meat Injector, enhance meat's flavor a hundredfold and even provide it with a perfect texture, thus making it look more appetizing.

This Marinade Meat Injector is perfect for intensifying the flavor of the meat and shorten meat preparation time. Durable and sharp, the needles puncture any meat or poultry with ease, ensuring you can enrich the taste of tough or thick cuts.


  • EASY FLAVOR ENHANCING:¬† Built-in Plunger releases Marinade into meat via 3 Needle-like applicators to quickly allow the flavor into the meat.
  • MEAT TENDERIZING:¬†27 stainless steel needles and 3 stainless steel needle injectors break the structure of the meat with ease, giving it a tender taste.
  • HIGHER COOKING EFFICIENCY:¬†Enjoy deeper and quicker penetration of marinades and reduced marinating time.
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL:¬†Made of durable 304 stainless steel & high-quality plastic.
  • EASE OF USE:¬†This is ergonomically designed for easy one-hand use.
  • SAFETY LOCK:¬†Flavor injector is simply disassembled and cleaned for repeated use; the meat tenderizer needle has a safe lock.
  • BUILT TO LAST:¬†The marinating needles are especially long and durable and make it easy to penetrate all types of meat.


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Size: 22.5 x 8.5 CM
  • Weight: 278 g

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