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SafeLock™-Digital Cabinet Intelligent Lock

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Do You Have valuable belongings at home that you want to protect?


✔️  Keeps Personal Belongings safe.

✔️  No need to worry about your stuff being stolen.

✔️  Thieves will never find your valuables.

✔️ Leave your home knowing your stuff is safe.

Safe, convenient, and easy-to-use design

The versatile and functional product that you can choose from according to your needs

✔️  Scroll card tray lock with IC sensor hole-free

✔️  It is suitable for wooden doors, especially ✔️  for drawers, cabinetscupboardssliding doors.

✔️  Automatic return and automatic lock function, easy operation.

Fits for: the door of which thickness is no more than 45mm(Keychain sensing distance is 2.5CM, card sensing distance is 5CM), the iron pad is used for the installation on the double/Single doors.



For household or business: supermarket, sauna club, gym, swimming stadiums, library, factory, and office.

It can provide good safety protection of your personal items while protecting your privacy. 


ABS fire retardant material, stainless steel lock, all copper induction coil fiberglass circuit board, imported chip

A low battery will not lock!

Instructions for Smart Electronic Cabinet Lock
Remarks: It has been set before leaving the factory, and the user card can be used to open the 1 card category when the battery (2 AA batteries) is installed:

1) Initialization: Press and hold the switch button on the PCB board for about 3 seconds, the buzzer will beep for a long time, and the default is the single-on mode at this time.
2) When the door lock is empty, you can directly set the management card, only 3 cards can be set.
3) Change the operating mode. Press the button once to switch the operation mode, the buzzer beeps shortly--means single-card mode, and twice means dual-card mode.
4) After reading the management, the door lock is opened, and the buzzer keeps beeping shortly. During this period, ordinary user cards can be added. The first card added is the waiter card, and the others are ordinary cards. If the addition is successful, it will sound once, if the added key already exists, it will sound twice, and when the storage area is full, it will sound four times.
5) During the non-setting period, swipe any invalid card and make three short calls.

If there is a long beep after swiping the card--after unlocking, it means that the battery voltage is insufficient. At this time, the door lock can be used about 50 times. Please replace the battery in time.

lock sensor

Color: black,  gray
Power by: 2 x AA batteries(not included)

Package Included:

1 PC x Lock
1 PC x lock catch
1 PC x ID key
1 PC x ID card
1 Set x Accessories


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