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PerfectSlim-Sauna Thermo Leggings

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Our Hot Shapers Thermal Pants and Neoprene Long Sleeve Shirt Sauna Sweat Suit is designed for you to lose weight & keep your appearance smooth and firm!
Maximize Your Fat Metabolism to Lose Weight! This neoprene sauna suit will be your best partner.
Hot Shapers Thermal Pants and Neoprene Long Sleeve Shirt Sauna Sweat Suit
During exercise or daily activities, warming the core, this sweatsuit will promote the energy conversion efficiency of mitochondria and accelerate the decomposition of fat. Every time you finish, you will feel a lot easier.
A new fiber fabric is used to increase the surface temperature of the skin. Sweat is an effective way to remove metabolic waste from the body. The water, energy, and carbon dioxide produced by the decomposition of fat will be discharged through sweat.

With the human body curve design, you can lift your hips, reduce the excess fat in your waist and hips, and help you build your body scientifically. If you use it with our other products, your body shape will be even better. 
Hot Shapers Thermal Pants and Neoprene Long Sleeve Shirt Sauna Sweat Suit
The neoprene full-body workout suit you to exercise freely, the high-elastic fabric can be quick-drying after perspiration, keep your body comfortable, not tight, let the movement enter the state faster. Help you build self-confidence.
Hot Shapers Thermal Pants and Neoprene Long Sleeve Shirt Sauna Sweat Suit
  • 🔥SLIM LEG FASTER: The unisex weight loss pants perfect for all body types, it will increase your leg's metabolism and burn more calories in the same exercise time, effectively slim your lower body.
  • 🔥SOFTER SKIN: Sauna workout pants and shirt will help women reduce fatty deposits and liberate toxins from areas of dimpled, orange peel skin. With regular sport wearing, these pants can give you smoother skin.
  • 🔥SCIENTIFIC WEIGHT LOSS: Our skinny leggings and top will lock the heat when you take leg exercise, highly effective at assisting with fat burning and eliminating water weight. Excellent weight loss results give you that extra motivation to keep going with weight loss goals.
  • 🔥OPTIMUM EXERCISE DURATION: Due to the different exercise levels of each person, it is best to wear our sauna suit with 40 mins of exercise or normal daily activities.
WHY SO POPULAR? HOW does It work?

Increase More Sweat and Burn Fat Faster:
This long shirt and leggings full-body workout suit increase thermal activity in the upper body, stimulates sweating, accelerating the fat burning process to shape and reduce the waist, abdomen, stomach, belly, shoulder, and arm.
Reshape Your Body for An Hourglass Figure:
Medium comfortably shapes your upper body, which increases your glamour in your daily life. The Hot Shapers Thermal Pants and Neoprene Long Sleeve Shirt Sauna Sweat Suit is designed to correct posture, slim arm, flatten abdomen, firm tummy leading to a more molded figure, and visually trim weight.
Lose Weight and Get Fit in A Healthy Way:
Its unique fibers and material heat up your body resulting in more sweating and help your body to sweat out harmful fats, then lead to healthy weight loss.
The body shaper leggings and top offers an easy way of losing out excess body weight.
Provide A Good Wearing Comfort:
Flexible, latex-free, elastic neoprene material will make you feel soft and comfortable to wear our sweatsuit!
It not only increases body temperature but also absorbs sweat and lets you always dry on the outside.
Perfect Sports Equipment:
This sauna suit weight loss is the best fitness equipment and perfect for all kinds of workouts in the gym and outdoor.
You can wear this body shaper to enjoy exercising sports or just wear it at home while performing daily tasks.

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