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Paper Quilling Kit

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Perfect Hobby For Everyone!

You should definitely make paper quilling as your next pass-time activity! 

Are you interested in paper quilling but have no idea where and how to start?

Imagine being able to have your very own basic kit that allows you to create your quilled paper arts and 3D illustrations...

What Can This Do?

✔ With this kit, you'll be able to produce your very own unique paper art during your free time, stay productive, and bring more pleasure into your life!
✔ This Quilling Kit is the perfect beginner's set to kickstart your paper quilling journey. It includes all the essential tools, giving you a hassle-free paper quilling experience as a first-timer
✔ This Quilling Kit comes with all basic tools, making it the perfect beginner set to kick start your paper quilling journey!

How Is This Cool?

✔It is an enjoyable hands-on activity for both children and adults. It is fun, easy, and relaxing.

Paper quilling is pretty simple! It involves rolling and pinching paper pieces into shapes and glue them into decorative pieces! It will be very addictive and we can't wait for you to experience the 'quilling and chilling' moments!

 ✔Perfect DIY crafts for rooms and parties, or even gift ideas for your loved ones!


✅  Perfect For Beginners

✅  FREE PDF Quilling Guide & Templates

✅ Simple & Easy

✅  Suitable For All Ages

✅  Integrated Quilling Kit 
✅  Perfect DIY Crafts For Decorations & Pass Time Activity

Package Includes: 

Husking Board x1Quilling Comb x1Gradient Quilling Paper Strips x5 sets,
Tweezer x1, Instruction Manual For Easy Learning x1,

Tools Storage Box x1, Quilling Shape Board x1Quilling Paper Crimper x1Ultrafine Tip Glue Bottle x1Pins x1 set, Pearl Pins x1 set, Slotted Tool x1. 

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