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Mini Water Dispenser

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Clean water should be easy to drink, whenever you want and wherever you are.

Isn't it annoying to constantly break your back lifting those 5-gallon bottles? Bending all the way down, lifting them all the way up, and then turning it to the right angle to fit it on top! For some of us, we simply can't do it.

You need something that makes this process feel light but doesn't break your bank like those giant dispensers.

The light-weight Clean Tap eliminates the need for lifting anything at all! It provides convenience to clean-drinkers by pumping water to their glasses that go beyond dispensing water. Its sleek design will compliment your bottles and its smart technology will leave no mess!

Some people use smaller plastic bottles, but that's absolutely dangerous for our planet! Why do that when you have an alternative?

Now simply place Clean Tap on any diameter bottleneck, touch or tap the sensor and enjoy a beautiful steady flow of water, then tap the sensor to stop. It's that easy!

With its 60-seconds auto-off feature, now save tons of energy and overflow. With one charge lasting over a month, charge it easily with a USB power within 5 hours! Made from food-grade ABS, enjoy an odorless perfect taste of mineral water.

Save The Environment. Save Your Back. Save Your Bank.

✔️No More 5-Gallon Lifting
✔️Easy-To-Use Water Dispenser
✔️One-Size-Fits-All Sleek Design
✔️Food-Grade ABS Odorless Material
✔️Touch Sensitive On/Off Taps
✔️Extremely High-Powered Pump
✔️Free USB Cable Included
✔️1 Charge in 5 Hours = Lasts for 1 Month
✔️Lightweight & Convenient for Camping, RVs, Office, Home
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