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Lucky Money Fortune Tree

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Citrine Wealth Lucky Money Tree Ornament designed creatively as a bonsai plantalso known as the "Symbol of wealth and prosperity". 

This will bring you good luck, great fortune, and prosperity. 

“It came at the perfect time… it was the turning point of my life

I met Master Hwang in early 2020 during the toughest period of my life and he introduced me to this beautiful little fortune tree.

At first, I didn't think much about it … it was just a nice little decoration for my living room table.

I never expected to win the lottery a total of 3 times!” 

🌱 Citrine Money Tree – Attract Wealth 🌱

The citrine money tree is used in feng shui as a cure to stimulate the flow of money. Its leaves symbolize the five feng shui elements of wood, water, earth, fire, and metal. The elements of this gemstone tree ornament represent stability, balancing the chi energies inside homes and businesses.

💛 Citrine – The Gemstone of Abundance 💛
Citrine is believed to bring business luck when displayed in establishments. It is a stone of abundance, attracting wealth and success to its owner. This happy stone dispels negativity and helps protect you from financial losses.
Transform your space into a positive environment filled with beneficial energy via this lucky citrine tree.

“Your living space and how it is presented is a reflection of yourself. Believe in good fortune and it will naturally respond to you.” - Master Hwang
Make your business store prosper by placing this ornament inside your shop. Or place it at home at your work desk to create an abundance of flowing wealth and luck! 

Dimensions - Height 18cm (7inch), Width 8cm (3inch), No hanging coins included!


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