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GlobalLife-Acupuncture Electric Therapy Massage Pen

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Muscle Pain On Every Movement, Aches Restrict Your Life And Even Steal From Your Sleep❓

Try The Power Of Acupuncture Treatment, Without Being Punctured By Needles 📌 And Get Back Your Life!





Acupuncture works through neurohormonal pathways. Basically, The Acupuncture Pen targets specific points in the body and stimulates the nerve. The nerve sends signals to the brain, and the brain releases neural hormones such as beta-Endorphins.

By releasing hormones, patients feel fully relaxed, energized, and immediately reduce their pain. The acupuncture pen can give you the benefits of acupuncture therapy in your house with no needles and no pain.


B E N E F I T S:


✅ Instant Pain Reliever Painless 

✅ Safe and Efficient.

✅ Needless Acupuncture

✅ 9 Adjustable Intensity Levels

✅ No Side Effects

✅ Light & Portable

✅ Easy To Use




💡 More About The Neuropathic Pain


Neuropathic pain (nerve pain) affects about one in every 20 people. It is caused by damage to nerves that feel pain, touch and temperature. The pain has been described as a burning, shooting or crawling sensation or like electric shocks.

Neuropathic pain is caused by damage to the somatosensory nervous system. The damage can be due to illness or injury and may affect the brain, spinal cord, or the nerves in the rest of the body (the nerves in your face, arms, legs, and torso).

Neuropathic pain gets its name because it is caused by a feedback loop in the brain. Pain signals are transmitted even though no actual injury or stimulus is causing the pain. In other words, it’s happening entirely in the patient’s head.



 Acupuncture Pen Is Suitable For:


➡️ All Neuropathic Pains as - (Back, Neck, Waist, Shoulders, etc.)

➡️  Great Professional Massage Tool

➡️ Chronic Disease as - (Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatism, etc)

➡️  Sports Injuries & Joint Pains

➡️  Osteoporosis, Sciatica, Spondylitis.

➡️  Postoperative Pain

➡️  Stress Relief





Spheroidal type: Applicable for quickly alleviating pain. For most intense massage.

Node type: Applicable for partial body pains. Convenient for acupuncture treatment in specific locations especially suitable for holographic acupoints.

Dome type: Applicable for health care and facial beautification. Larger contact area for soft massage. Helps you apply the perfect amount of pressure with minimal effort to get a deep trigger point massage. Calm painful muscle knots and aches in your back, neck, shoulders, and more with a few easy moves. Effective pressure point therapy eases tension headaches and sore muscles & helps athletes recover.


Does Pain Get Part Of Your Life? 🔚




1. Install 1 x AA battery in the compartment

2. Turn on the device, the number 1 should appear on the display. Repeat to increase power up to 9.

3. Put a small amount of contact gel on your inside wrist or any other body parts.

4. Starting with the device on a medium-low setting, until you feel the pulsing sensation.

5. If you feel a stinging sensation use more contact gel to fix the problem.

6. Continue sliding the tip around until you feel a strong pulse, it means you have found an acupoint.




The principle of the acupuncture pen is that current flows from the tip of the pen through the body to the tail to form an electrical loop. There, it’s normal to have power at the end of the pen. You can increase the area of pen and reduce the sense of current and it is not a quality issue.

We highly recommend that you could adapt gradually from 1 Intensity.

You could try to apply Body/Baby Oil in an appropriate amount to make the effect perfect.






Q: How often should you use it?

A: Simply use this exercise tool 3 times a week, for 3-5 minutes


Q: Are Batteries Included In The Package????

A: No, they are not included. You will need 2 x AA for the Acupuncture Massage Pen.


Q: How long will be the delivery?

A: Between 7-10 Business Days 

Q: What material is made from?

A: This deep tissue massage tool is made of stainless steel, which ensures durable, cleanness during use and provides sensitive support


Q: What is your refund policy?

A: Within 30 days, you could return any item to our Return Center. No questions asked.






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Don't Let Pain Control Your Life

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