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Fire- Breathing Dragon

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Your kids will thank you!

 Perfect for your children, they won't stop playing! Its wings, its tail, and its sound will amaze you! 

This dinosaur-dragon hybrid toy roars walks and breathes red mist that looks just like a real fire. It’s the kind of toy you probably wanted growing up, and now you can get it for your kid. 

How Does it Work? 

The tail moves from side to side, the wings go up and down, it has a power switch, it has an amazing light mode and its tail and wings are made out of a soft rubber! The dinosaur can spray mist with red light every several seconds, just like fire erupted from the mouth. There is a built-in water case in the head, and you just need to use the provided plastic bottle to fill water into the hole.

Is It Safe?

The overall body is made of premium eco-friendly ABS material, and the horns and tail are clear soft silicone material, which will not hurt kidsThis toy is almost as tough as an actual dinosaur. Your kid can bump it, drop it, and play with it all day, and it won't break or slow down. And if your kid’s anything like ours and puts everything in their mouths, don’t freak out if you see this dragon’s tail go in. It's totally non-toxic, from tail to mist. It is 100% Safe to use.

Robot Dinosaur Toy Features:

  • Roars: his dino-dragon actually roars. Not loud enough to wake the neighbors, just loud enough to keep your kids entertained.

  • Walks: What kid wants a toy that’s standing still? Ours moves its legs and walks across the floor all on its own.

  • Flapping wings: If it’s gonna keep your kids interested, it better do more than making a little noise. This actually flaps its wings like a real dragon.

  • Wagging tail: Just because it’s a dino-dragon doesn’t mean it can’t be cute as well as ferocious. Ours swings its tail, kind of like a very large puppy.

  • Flashing eyes: Turn it on and its eyes start flashing lights, sending out a warning that it’s headed your way. Better run.

  • Sprays red mist: This might be the coolest part. It sprays mist from its mouth that lights up red, making it look like a real dragon breathing fire.

When the dinosaurs move forward, their claws and wings move at the same time, the head and tail can be tilted freely. After a distance, stop tail, neck, swing, mouth closed. The dinosaur can vaporize mist with red light every few seconds, just like burst fire from the mouth. Just put 3 x AA batteries into the battery box and install the wings and tail by hand, fill the water in the head, then turn on the button. 

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Order this walking dinosaur-dragon hybrid toy today and make your kid smile tomorrow. 



ABS + silicone
Dimensions 47x27x17.5cm
Power supply

3 x AA batteries


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